The Homeschool Kit Co.

All about discovery

Why Hire?

There are so many great resources available but unfortunately they cost too much for the average family.  All those tempting games, electronic, robotic or construction kits often cost several hundred dollars and  you have to be practical.  What if you spend the $400 on a fabulous K’nex Education Kit and it only gets used for a few weeks?

What We Offer

We hire out quality educational resources to families in New Zealand.   Our kits come with instructions, lesson plan ideas or books to help you maximise the education potential for your family.

Our kits are purchased with children aged 5-18 in mind. FischerTechnik, Matador, Lego Education, Story of the World, Electronics, Robotics and K’nex Education are just some of the brands available.

Who Can Hire?

Kit hire is available to New Zealand families who have a current membership with The Homeschool Kit Co.

How Does It Work?

A copy of your exemption document and proof of id is required.  Copies of the documents can be emailed to Hire period for the kits is one school term.  When booking a kit, click on the first day of a block and the full hire period will be booked. Postage is charged on top of the hire fee, but pick-up is more than welcome. There will be a charge for missing or broken pieces.  The full replacement cost will be charged.  If a kit is rendered unusable due to damage, or missing pieces, the full replacement cost of the kit will be charged.

Our Story

Hi!  We are the Barry family, and we live in Hamilton, New Zealand.  While homeschooling our daughter we have come to realise that our best learning doesn’t come from a textbook, but rather from play and exploration.  We use all kinds of games and hands-on activities to help make our learning experiences enjoyable and memorable, and we look forward to being able to offer exciting and inspirational kits to your family, to enhance your learning journey.